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Here's the latest Crossworld.Org update on their relief work in Haiti.  (All the gifts Grace receives for Haiti are being routed through their organization.)


Earthquake - Haiti (2010 Feb)"Sammy was on the top floor of his university when it collapsed –
completely. He felt a terrible trembling and watched the neighboring
building crash to the ground. He can't remember how he got to the
bottom and out onto the street.

As he walked along, he got a
phone call from a foreign number. The voice on the line said, "God has
spared your life for a purpose and never forget that." To this day,
Sammy is not sure who called him. But he realizes that that is not the
important thing – what is important is that he knows that God spared
his life for a purpose.

First Summary of Losses to our partners: CrossWorld
partners with the UEBH (an association of
Haitian churches), with a national seminary (STEP) and other
institutions. These are our friends and colleagues. A preliminary
report of losses was released
this week:

  • UEBH church members – 76 died; 32 injured
  • Members homes damaged or destroyed – 428
  • College Maranatha – 3 died; 11 injured; 27 homes
    destroyed; 41 houses damaged
  • Printshop – structural damage; 2 died
  • Seminary (STEP) – 1 building destroyed; 6 houses destroyed; 14 houses damaged; 1 died
  • UEBH Headquarters – destroyed

Thanks to your help, this is what we have accomplished:

  • Deployed 4 first responders to Haiti and
    established a plan, now in place for next wave
  • Purchased and distributed supplies for 4000+
    displaced persons (IDPs) on seminary campus
  • Facilitated Samaritan's Purse installation of
    water purification system
  • Facilitated three teams of medical professionals
    to three locations
  • Set up structures for IDP camp of 4000+ people: sanitation, security, shelter
  • Coordinated incoming supplies from north Haiti
    and Dominican Republic
  • Provided a truck and a generator for electricity
  • Recruited an experienced trauma counseling team
  • Improved communication systems
  • Established liaison with other NGOs and
    Government networks at airport
  • Contracted a professional crisis management group to assess needs and direct relief
  • Brought encouragement and spiritual life to
    scores of hurting people

You can give to
CrossWorld's Haiti Disaster
Relief Fund
. Just Click here and share with those in need. – or give through the CrossWorld offices in Mississauga, Ontario, or Kansas
City, MO.

Good News for American Donors: The House and Senate have passed a bill which permits Haiti
relief gifts made between January 12 and Feb 28, 2010 to be deducted on the
2009 tax return. For more details,
contact Bob Simrak, CrossWorld Director of Advancement, by clicking here.

Good News for Canadian Donors: The Canadian International Development Agency
(CIDA) will match any donation made by a Canadian individual – to the Haiti earthquake relief efforts. The gift must be made to a registered Canadian charity like CrossWorld Canada, and
given before Feb 12, 2010. Maximum gift
per donor is $100,000."