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Vaca 08 Naples, FL - Sunset Couple
Vaca 08 Naples, FL - Beach FamilyVaca 08 Naples, FL - Wildlife Kids
Well we got back Saturday after a day of travel from the Gulf Coast and (other than having limited internet connections while we were there…again), the trip went off beautifully.

Here are my top five memories from the trip (in reverse order):

  5.  Shooting 89 in my first round of golf in 2 years (shot a 40 on the back!)
  4.  Catching fish with my dad.
  3.  Playing catch with my son.
  2.  Swimming on the beach with my kids.
  1.  Bugging Loving my wife.  (Yes, "bugging" should be the 6th Love Language.)  🙂

Vaca 08 Naples, FL - Beach Daughter
Vaca 08 Naples, FL - Beach Me
Vaca 08 Naples, FL - Beach Kids
Vaca 08 Naples, FL - Wildlife Alligators
God gave us an awesome trip!