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One of our church members submitted this prayer request for Greensburg, KS.  I thought I’d share it with you.  (Remember that you can find how to help by clicking here.)

"I would like prayer for the people of Greensburg, KS
(which was destroyed by a tornado last Friday night). That town is very
meaningful to me. My grandma’s house is only 8 miles away near
Mullinville, KS where my parents grew up. My parents dated in
Greensburg — going to the movies, football games, & drug store for
a float. I’ve even been to the movie theater where they still used the
same projector that they did in the 50’s (WOW). I’ve spent a lot of
time in Greensburg over the years. It holds a lot of memories for me.
My family has relatives that live there as does another person now
attending our church. All of my relatives are found and ok.  However,
the other person in our church has lost one relative and a couple more
are missing."

"I would like prayer for God’s presence, strength and
light to be felt & known in the town. I want them to know God is
walking beside them as they are looking for what is left of their homes
and start to plan for the future. I pray for comfort & peace. I
pray for the Lord to have a revival in western Kansas and that many
will come to know His saving grace through this tragedy. I know how this has affected me. I can’t even imagine what it is
like for those who have lost their homes and businesses. I just want
our church to pray for them in a mighty way.  I want the Lord to be
honored and glorified through all of this. I pray mercy for them as
storms still are coming their way. I just want to be able to give them
a little relief from Overland Park, KS, and this is the best way I/we,
can do it.

Thanks to all who are praying for the folks in a town that
is so much a part of my heart. My heart just breaks for all of them.
God will see them through.  Thanks again for helping me (and the other
person attending our church) in praying for this town."

Would you pause just a moment right now and pray for these requests?  (If you want, just use the second paragraph as a prayer to God.)