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On September 29th, we will be celebrating our 18th anniversary at Grace Church.  It is amazing what God has done in us & through us over the years for Christ.

As a part of our celebration, I wanted to remind everyone of our vision, mission, and values at Grace:

Our Vision:  "Help everyone become an outward-focused follower of Jesus"

  • Biblical Basis: The Church of Antioch  (Acts 11-15).

Our Mission:  "Love, learn, lead with God, household, church"

Our Values:  "ANTIOCH" — An “Antiochian Church” is a church of…

To celebrate our anniversary, we will be having our annual Harvest Festival which inclues a hayride, bonfires, inflatables, live music, and much more! Dinner will be available for purchase from various Kansas City food trucks. There will be great door prizes given away throughout the evening. The event is free, but a wristband is needed to participate. To register, click here

Happy Anniversary!