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Series_daveWell, this weekend we say farewell to our study of ‘Dave’.  (If you missed any weeks, you can always catch up here.)

Almost 3 months ago, a team of people from our church brainstormed on how to title each week’s topic for ‘Dave’.  For the upcoming weekend, we landed on: "You play to win the game!"  (Yes, our God has a sense of humor.)

If you want to read along with me for this weekend, read what happened in King David’s life after Bathsheba (2 Samuel 13 – 1 Kings 2).  If you want to read on-line, check out

I’ve received lots of stories of what God has done in your lives through ‘Dave’.  Thank you so much.  Keep sending in those stories of how God is moving in your lives.  Here’s a taste of what God’s been doing:

  • "This Dave series has been so inspirational to me, it’s like God is talking just
    to me. I’ve  been going through really tough times for quite some time.  I
    really needed to hear that God will use my situation to help someone."
  • "Thank you for the sermon on Sunday.  You know I have been struggling with my ministry, and each time I think I need to give up, you or somebody close
    puts me back on track."
  • [From a conversation] "On Sunday, I felt that the drama was telling everyone about my life.  That afternoon, I told my wife what has been going on.  Then she was able to tell me some things too.  We had a great conversation and were really open.  I sense a real freedom after that."

I can’t thank you all enough for your prayers, your love for Christ, your transparency, and your willingness to be used by God.

See you Sunday.

P.S. We’re planning to celebrate communion on Sunday, like we currently do once every 6 weeks or so around Grace.