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Object - Notepad A quick note of good news / bad news I heard recently.

My wife was in Walmart this week…the BAD news (just kidding, Honey!)  🙂

She was wearing one of those 320+ blue prayer bracelets that are being given out to people in the church…with a name of a child attending our Summer Breakout (Vacation Bible School) this next week.  A Walmart employee stopped her & asked, "What ARE all those blue bracelets I see on people these days?"  She then told him what they were for…to pray for every child attending SBO this week.  The GOOD news.

"Oh…" he said.  "I asked someone ELSE this week about the bracelet and she told me, 'None of your D@#&! business!' The BAD news.  (I REALLY hope it wasn't our bracelet!)

However…there are a few more prayer bracelets available tomorrow.  Let's claim 'em & pray for 'em this week…and be a good spokesman for God when someone asks you about it!  The GOOD news.

CU 2morrow.