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Freedom Fire - Kids God wants you to shop.

(How often do you hear that line?)

This Sunday is the deadline to bring in a backpack filled with school supplies listed for a child in our urban core.  They will go to a child through Freedom Fire Urban Ministries, a fantastic partner organization with Grace which equips young people spiritually, economically, and

It's as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Print off this list of school supplies (RIGHT NOW!)
  2. Buy one or more backpacks along with the school supplies
  3. Bring them to the lobby of Grace Church this Sunday

It's just that simple…God wants to you shop…for Him.

Freedom Fire - Logo P.S. Last weekend, Kevin Casy (of Freedom Fire) & Merideth Nitzel (Grace's champion for Freedom Fire) share more about the ministry.  Powerful stuff.  Check out the full interview here, by clicking play in the Livestream box, then "On Demand," then "One Prayer," then watch the August 8 message "Unstoppable" at the 17:55 mark.