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Hands - Praying Power Hey everyone. I recently received a great report about a people group dear to Grace where God is working. An indigenous leader was involved ministering to widows and orphans with aid provided by distant partner churches.  As
he told his own church about it, the indigenous church was moved to tears and action:

  • "Last Sunday I reported to my church in the Sunday
    Service about my wonderful visit to [a certain village].  I…showed them the photos [of the widows and orphans in this village] and told them the stories.  After the service was done, many of them came
    to me and donated some [local currency] to the families in [that village]. Some of these people are not doing not well financially at all. Others promised to brings clothes…and other
    things from their own houses to the families in [that village]. I was very happy to let the people in the
    church help move the villagers forward and serve their Lord…Please pray for
    this village, that all the ideas and plans would be approved and managed by our
    great manager, the Lord Jesus."