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Here's what's bumping around my mind tonight:

  • This afternoon, Cathy, Jake & I drove over near Richards-Gebaur to pick up 2 huge inflatable gyms for our Trunk-or-Treat on Sunday night.  (Karina was at the movies with a little girlfriend.)
  • My wife just came by our kitchen table while I was typing & gave me a huge hug from behind & a kiss on the cheek.  She is awesome!  I have the BEST wife.
  • The wife & kids & I tonight just hung out.  (My wife's love language is Quality Time so her tank got filled up!)  We all crammed together on our couch with 1 blanket over all of us watching National Treasure: Book of Secrets.  Great time.  The movie was entertaining.  Lots of impossible stuff in the movie.
  • I can't wait to start basketball practice, too.  I don't know when my daughter's team starts, but my son's team starts Monday night.  They'd better be ready to run!  🙂
  • Jake & I sat down for an hour today & watched a basketball coaching video on the Triple-Post basketball offense.  (A special shout out to my friend, Jeff, who loaned me the video.)  I'd pause the video & we'd talk through what he just said.  Awesome time!  And who knows?  It might make it's appearance on my teams this year.
  • I'm PUMPED about Sunday's topic, "Who is God?"  God turned me upside-down & inside-out studying out & reevaluating how I view Him this week.  You don't want to miss Sunday (or miss bringing someone).
  • I'm also reading The Shack right now.  Should finish it tomorrow.  (Yes, I'll blog about it.)  I want to read it because of the MAJOR trashing it's taking in Christian circles right now.  I heard the author at Catalyst-Atlanta this year.
  • The weather's supposed to be nice this weekend.  I guess it's time to hit the road on a run again.  🙂

I CANNOT WAIT for my talk on Sunday November 2.  God is GEARING US UP for this fall and for the next MAJOR stage in our church history!!!