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Two web links have been added on the left column under a new section entitled "How I Find Grace Blogs."  These are the places I start when I want to track down people who have blogs at Grace (or if I just want to be clued in to what’s going on around Grace).  They also happen to include the other pastors at Grace who have blogs (not all of them have entered the blog-dom).

Ben is a staff pastor at Grace.  He leads our worship and communications.  He has an incredible servant’s heart.  He is creative.  He is sensitive to the Spirit.  He has grown unbelievably as a man and leader over the last few years.  He’s my favorite worship leader (how cool is that to have your favorite worship leader at your church??).  And he’s my friend.

Tom is a lay pastor at Grace (which means he also has a full-time job in the corporate sector).  He leads our men’s ministries.  He is visionary.  He is strategic.  He is a wise counselor.  He is passionate about serving people.  He has an unbelievable heart to see people’s hearts freed from bondages and burdens of the past to become who God has made them.  And he’s my friend.

Check them out!