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Bible - Open with coffee Hey Guys,

I was in a Small Group Bible Study tonight and someone grabbed me about how to discern God's plan for your life (as opposed to the people who SAY they're doing God's will but are simply justifying what THEY want to do).  I shot him an email when I got home.

Here’s how I try to help others & myself find God's
plan for our lives.  Think of it as a "Biblical Checklist."

  • Check it with the Bible – Is it clearly right or
    wrong?  (Psalm 119:133)
  • Check it with prayer – Have you prayed and waited for
    an answer?  (James 1:5)
  • Check it with the Holy Spirit – Is God telling you
    “No”?  (Acts 16:6)
  • Check it with circumstances – Do you have a legitimate
    opportunity?  (Acts 16:7)
  • Check it with who God made you – Are you an
    "eye" trying to be an "ear"?  (1 Corinthians 12:17-18)
  • Check it with Bible direction – Has God spoken to you
    in the word?  (Jeremiah 32:6-8)
  • Check it with your pastors – What have they said? 
    (Hebrews 13:17)
  • Check it with yourself – What do you want to do? 
    (1 Corinthians 16:12)

Hope it helps!