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Object - CampfireThe Grace Men's Ministry hosted around 100 men at the Shalom Retreat Center this weekend. They did a fantastic job connecting men with everything from good food, to boating, to fishing, to swimming, to rockets, and shotguns.

Here are some of my favorite memories…

  • Favorite Food: S'mores — Mmmm. Just create a "sugar torch" for a few seconds, then squish all the ingredients together…love 'em. But does any other food cry out "I've absolutely given up on eating healthy" as much as S'mores do? (Cathy claims pork rinds do, but I'm not so sure.)
  • Favorite Comment: Kaedden  — When I happened to see James Sherry with his son (age 4), his son greeted me with, "You're looking good!" Cracked…me…up. All I could think to say in return was, "You're looking good, too!"
  • Favorite Talk: John Reider — John founded the camp with his wife after returning from the Ivory Coast as a missionary for 36 years! They returned to the property, which has been in his wife's family since they settled it in 1888. At 94 years young, John still plants their garden & climbs onto the roof to make shingle repairs. The highlight of his 5 minute talk was when he rattled off the statistics on the impact of fathers on children, spoke to the tragedy of fatherless homes in the U.S., & talked about the how the media/society continually tries to turn men into wimps! (He's so right.)
  • Favorite Hour: In the Car — I had one of those "Deuteronomy 6 moments" with my son on the way down. These are those moments God sets you up to disciple your family as you travel together through life. The topic of fear came up in his life. Gave me the chance to:
    • Affirm to him that we all, including me, have fears
    • Teach him that "Do not fear" is the most mentioned commandment in all the Bible
    • Talk him through how to deal with temptation with the example of Jesus' 3 temptations in Matthew 4 — By memorizing & quoting 3 verses to the temptation
    • Help him understand, memorize, & apply 3 verses on the topic of fear (2 Timothy 1:7, Romans 8:28, Philippians 4:13)
    • Spend 1 uninterrupted hour on this topic with my son in the car
    • See him get the victory through Christ over his fears!