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Kids - 1st Day School 09I thought I'd share my favorite memories with my family the last couple weeks:

  • Ronald McDonald House — Our family joined 3 other families to prepare a meal for 40 people in 1 houses next to Children's Mercy Hospital. Tough stories. One family was preparing for their daughter to have open heart surgery the next morning. It was a privilege to serve those families.
  • The Blind Side — What a movie. What an example. And a true story!  We decided to get our tickets 90 minutes early, and every seat was reserved outside of the first 2 rows. My right eye kept springing a leak throughout. After the movie, Karina (who feared it was just going to be about football) said, "That was one of my favorite movies!"
  • Family Sledding — We had the chance to get out together & break some new trails in the pristine snow.  I learned a few things: (1) I need to buy a longer sled…all our sleds are too small for 6'1". (2) My wife is the queen of the long sled run…she crushes us. (3) It is more than likely that a tackling match will break out during our family sledding events, if Dad is there.
  • Christmas Candlelight Service — I put this one on here, because I actually got to sit with my family & worship together. It's very special to me.
  • Christmas Day — Our kids know that on Christmas morning, they can go open their stockings.  No need to wait for mom & dad. They're always up early. But this year, at 2:00 a.m, my wife I are woken by the sound of little voices & kids opening their stockings. I head downstairs. "What are you doing???" I sent them back to bed for a little more nap-time.  🙂

Happy 2010!