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I’m on vacation.  That’s means I’m doing no work…nada…none.  But I’m still a son and need to update my Mom on how her son, daughter-in-law, & grandkids are doing.  And with technology today, I can even shoot her some pix.  (I will point out that the-greatest-wife-in-the-world told me, "Tim, you told your mom she could find some pictures on your blog…"  So, Mom, this one’s for you!)  🙂

Vaca_omaha1_2007_dancet Funniest memory of the drive?  Our family dancing to my new ABBA’s greatest hits, CD.  (I call my wife the "Dancing Queen" after the ringer for my wife on my cell phone.)  Check out the silly dances.

Most exciting memory of the drive?  A few miles after a stop, we were in an orange-barreled, one-lane maze with no end in sight.  I looked down and saw "7 mi" of gas left.  Yikes!  Visions of me putting my ACL brace on and slow jogging for miles to get a can of gas hit my mind.  (I had just been wondering how I could do an even better job of living out Deuteronomy 6:6-9 in a greater way.  God hears our hearts when our desires are consistent with His, doesn’t he?)  Our whole family prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed…and we finally rolled into a gas station with 2 miles to go.  Way to go God!

Later, we hit up a baseball game with a few hundred other people.  🙂  The little clone got 2 real baseballs from the players.  And our baby girl had the chance to be on the field and do a bunny hop competition…she won herself free ice cream.

Happy 4th!  L8R…