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I love my church family.  I love the pastoral team I work with along with the staff.  I love my small groups.  But I want you to know…from the bottom of my heart…and I couldn’t mean this more…my family takes priority over every single one of you…as it should!  🙂

I am having THE-TIME-OF-MY-LIFE, "unplugged" with each of them.  A man could NOT ask for a better family…period!  Laughter, sillyness, playing…a lot of love all around…everything that Christ starts doing when you put Him in the #1 spot in your life.

Vaca_omaha2_2007_zoo_monkeyAnd now, for a word to all 3 of my moms from vacation-land.  Saw the zoo.  Our family loved the babies…baby monkeys, baby sea lion, baby ducks, etc.  A fun, fun day.

And as you can see, my baby girl has no problem getting wet.  Hot day?  Stand in h2o.  Check out the rainbow under baby girl.  Also, check out my "little clone" having trouble looking at the camera with a several-hundred-pound gorilla behind him.  🙂

Saw another game with my very-very-very-tired-family.  (They are shot.)  Instead of a few hundred of our closest friends, over 22,000 decided to invade our turf.

We had the chance to go on the field after the game and saw an unbelievable fireworks display.

P.S. One of our my favorite pastimes is encouraging everyone to torment "The Mommy."  As my wife tells me, I have the sixth "Love Language": the love language of "bug."  🙂