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Series 08 - The Invitation (Christmas)Just got out of our service planning time this afternoon and I am PUMPED about what God's going to do this Sunday!!!

Also, I've started to get reports back from people who've started "E-viting" people (i.e. giving out "Eternal Invitations") to 1 of our 3 Christmas services this Sunday.  Here's one example:

  • "BTW, I'm shooting a 1000%.  The first person I asked to come to Church this Sunday said yes!!  They are coming to the 8:30 service.  If this keeps up, I might have the opportunity to hear the message three times w/ a different person coming to each service!!"


Keep praying like crazy for & start inviting people TODAY if you haven't had the chance yet.  We're trusting God that everyone invites 7 people to bring someone with them to 1 of our 3 services Sunday.  They'll hear how Christmas is all about "God's E-vitation" to his Eternal Party.