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I had the chance to read 2 great books this week on the subject of intelligently engaging people about issues of faith (the topic we're unpacking in our weekend series, "Deadliest Catch").

Book - Engage! One was "Engage! Having Conversations about God" by Carmen Mayell. This one was a great resource on how to start a conversation with people from a host of different spiritual/worldview backgrounds, and seek to understand them, creating a dialogue (not a monologue) to eventually share the reasonableness of one's faith in God & Christ.  Excellent resource

Book - The End of Reason The other was "The End of Reason" by Ravi Zacharias.  This was a response to Sam Harris' "The End of Faith".  In the book, Ravi points out the inability to create a moral framework based on scientism/naturalism/self.  Excellent food for thought here for anyone who holds up science as their one and only guiding principle…instead of recognizing how a Divine Creator (God) has revealed Himself through Creation, Science, Experience, and Jesus.