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Tomorrow is election day in KS & Thursday is election day is MO.

On that day, we have the opportunity to do something that is not available in many parts of the world — to have a voice in our political process.

One of our college students at Grace recently tried to find all the KS & MO election-oriented websites for people to be fully-informed about candidates & issues.  They were able to find several "General Election" websites but were only able to find one type of "Issue-Oriented" website (Pro-Life).  I thought there would be more "Issue-oriented" sites.  If you know of others, let me know.

General Election websites:

"Issue-Oriented" websites (of which the student only found Pro-Life):

Here's my recommendation on the process:

  • Research the issues
  • Research the candidates
  • (If you follow Jesus) Reflect on what the Bible says God values
  • (If you follow Jesus) Pray about how to vote
  • Vote Tue (KS) or Thu (MO)