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Here are 7 things I think about today's election…

     1.  We have an AMAZING privilege in this country to have free elections.  (We're not locked into a 1-candidate system where "El Comandante" receives 100% of the vote.)

     2.  We have an AMAZING system in this country that leads to a peaceful transfer of power every 4 years.  (For a great counter-example, see the short life-expectancies of emperors & potential candidates during the Roman Empire.)

     3.  Yes, the system for raising campaign contributions is broken.  People buy political favors all the time.  (But I'm not sure how to fix the system.)

     4.  I like to think most political leaders start out wanting to serve their country & stand for what they believe is right.  (The realist in me doubts you can be elected with jumping into bed & compromising what you believe.)

     5.  I arrived at my polling site at 6 a.m. when the polls opened & stood in the cold for AN HOUR to vote.  (From what the media has been saying, I got off lucky that my wait was that short.)

     6.  GET OUT & VOTE!!!  (Here's the order for any decision…  1. Ask God what you should do.  2. Search the Scriptures to see what to do.  3. Vote that way God wants you to vote.  It's that simple!)

     7.  It should be an exciting day.  I'm praying 1 Timothy 2:1-4 & I plan to fully support WHOEVER is elected at ANY level of government.