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Last week (post-Easter) was so packed (short week + 2 funerals + 2 other crises) that I couldn't post a update on what happened at Grace Easter weekend. But here are a few comments. Enjoy:

  • "The most emotional, moving, inspirational…I have ever been to. Thank you."
  • "Dear Grace Church…tonight was AWESOME! I believed when I walked in, but now my belief is even stronger! Can't wait for those people who dont know Christ to…walk away with something special…"
  • "I have to explain this picture. During the opening of the service the band introduced a song called Manifesto, during the song a painter came out and painted a somewhat random painting on 6 stacked cardboard boxes. None of us understood the meaning. Then later in the service, after the pastor walked us through the pain and suffering of the crucifiction, they played a song and the painter came back out, he deconstructed the stacked boxes, stabbed wooden paint stirrers into 2 of the boxes, then restacked the boxes in a different order…creating the picture you see above.., after he restacked them he added the whites of the eyes, splattered red paint, then squirted the line of red paint across the top of the 2 top boxes, it was extremely moving to see the end result…the picture of Christ after he was crucified. Again, an amazing service this morning – the team at Grace church…AMAZING…best Easter service yet."
  • "My 7-year-old doesn't receive a weekly allowance or much money of her own yet, so we haven't expected much of her in the way of tithes and offerings yet. She apparently paid attention to the recent lessons on finance, though, because this morning as she was collecting her Easter candy she asked me if she could give back some of the candy in the offering! I told her I thought that would be a great idea — as long as the candy stayed wrapped :)"
  • "I wanted to send a note to say how blessed I am to work & be part of such an UH-MAZING group of people. You all humble me. Seriously!!  Thank you for what you do!  Thank you for stepping up to print, fold, cut worship guides on the fly. Thanks for answering the call in a mighty way & preaching, teaching, serving, loving!!!  You all ROCK!!!"
  • "A lot of times people over promise but not the case at Grace: Easter Service was AMAZING!!"

God is good.