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I wanted to bring you guys into a conversation that many of us on the Grace staff have been praying about and trying to figure out for the past couple of months (years really)…Easter!!
As many of you know, Easter is a huge time for Grace…our super bowl really. It is a time when we pray that God will send the lost to this church to hear His word in hopes of potentially changing their life. God has answered this prayer many times as we have seen our numbers increase year after year on Easter. 
Here is the trouble…we have run out of space. Our most popular times any weekend, but specifically on Easter, are the Sunday services. 
Here is the favor…each of you are believers in Christ. You have devoted your life to Him so much so that you serve on this team/ministry. Would you and your family be willing to join us for one of our Saturday, April 19 services? We are offering them at 4 and 5:30pm. You would be giving up your seat on Sunday for someone who potentially isn't a believer, or at least not one that is 110% living for the Lord. 
If there is just no way you can make a Saturday time work for your family, then obviously we will be just as excited to see you Sunday. However, if you can help us not have to send any unchurched or dechurched person away, that would be amazing. We so desperately want these people to have an amazing Easter experience and for God to speak so clearly to them that it will change their life.