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Food - TeaI recently came across one person's perspective on how to share your faith with someone from an background of I slam.  The big idea was this:

  • We need to share what Jesus' preached when he lived 2000 years ago — "the (spiritual) kingdom of God". The "kingdom of God" will only become physical someday when God personally reigns directly over the kingdoms of this world. In other words, people can accept Christ and be part of a heavenly, spiritual kingdom, and yet be allowed to maintain allegiance to their own political kingdom. (Often in the mind of someone from this religious background, those allegiances are one and the same!)

They also talked about the need to help people from this background (with tremendous grace & sensitivity) clear up 5 key misunderstandings about what it means to follow Christ:

  1. Human nature is inherently sinful (not inherently good)
  2. The "Law of God" cannot change human nature (because it's weak through the flesh)
  3. The "Kingdom of God" can only exist when God personally rules people (i.e. it cannot exist through human rulers, because human rulers are flawed)
  4. Jesus' call is a call to submit to God and enter His spiritual kingdom now
  5. Accepting the "Kingdom of God" is an inherently a-political event (not a statement about your political allegiance)