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Our pastors believe in living life together.  Last night, the small groups that each of our pastors are involved with gave us a surprise get-a-way.

What did they do, you ask?  They CONNIVED with our wives & kids (who lied through their teeth "in Jesus’ name").  They AMBUSHED us at staff meeting at 3:30 p.m. and FORCED us to take a limo to Dave & Buster’s, eat great food, play video games together, watch a Kansas City T-Bones game from the 5th row behind home plate, and take a limo ride home.

We had a BLAST!!!  We cannot thank you guys enough!!!  It was such a welcome surprise, a chance to relax with each other, and just unplug and enjoy life together.  (Too bad our other 2 team members became unavailable at the last minute.  We missed them.)

I also enjoyed watching Ben eek out a win against Jim in the basketball shootout.  Yes, yes, I beat them both if you were wondering.  🙂

Ben does a great job of telling the full story here.