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Bible - My Personal Reading Today, I did some MAJOR journaling (i.e. scribbling out a letter to God as fast  as my pen could fly).  Almost 4 pages worth.

I also wrote over a page of thoughts from my daily reading in Daniel 4-9.  Here are a few of my "thots"…

  • 4:17 — God?  You put WHOEVER You want in charge, whether it's a king, president, mayor, congressman, councilman, business owner, CEO, dictator, talk-show host, middle-level manager, clergy, principal, coach, etc.  And some of these people are the "lowest" of people.  And it doesn't change a THING about who's still in charge (i.e. You).
  • 4:30 — Ugh.  What's he saying?  "I have built?  By MY mighty power?  For the honor of MY majesty?"  That's a MAJOR blunder, rooted in pride, arrogance, & abject stupidity.  (Dear God, may I NEVER make that mistake!!!)
  • 5:5-6 — I think I would have been freaked out too!  🙂
  • 6:5 — Lord!!!  That this might be how You & people around us describe US!!!
  • 6:10 — Wow.  Daniel changed NOTHING in the face of an unjust law that commanded Him to directly disobey God.
  • 6:18 — Wow again.  Here's when a king FASTED for Daniel!
  • 8:27 — Daniel was sick for DAYS over this vision.  But he still got up every day, went to work, & served the king regardless of how he felt.
  • 9:2 — Daniel's life was changed by reading Jeremiah too!
  • 9:3-5 — More prayer & fasting –> for when you REALLY need to seek God & confess sin & pray for direction & guidance

Love you guys!

P.S. Go write a letter to God & seek Him in the word today.  There's NOTHING like it!  God is like air.  You can't go very long without Him and live to tell about it.  🙂