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Bible - My Personal Reading
Just finished reading through my daily reading & journaling about what I read & some prayers to God.  My section today was Jeremiah 37-46.

A BUNCH of things jumped out to me today…

  • Jeremiah had one tough ministry
  • A bunch of people told Jeremiah they wanted to hear from God
  • Not many people actually listened to Jeremiah
  • In fact, Jeremiah was often punished by people for sharing what God said
  • Yet Jeremiah kept on believing God & sharing His word
  • Yup…Jeremiah was a real "man of God"

The passage that jumped out THE MOST to me today was Jeremiah 39:15-18

  • God REALLY pays attention to our faith…how much we personally believe Him
  • God can notice ONE PERSON who believes God in "a sea" of doubters & scoffers
  • God even takes SPECIAL CARE of someone who really, really believes Him

Isn't that awesome?!?!