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Bible - My Personal Reading Here's what struck me during my time time with God today.

  • Journaling — I don't know what it is…but it is SO AMAZINGLY restorative for me to write down my prayers & thoughts to God.  And I've been on a MAJOR kick recently asking people this question first:
    • "Are you journaling at least a 1-line prayer (or more) to God daily?"
    • I'm hearing about God doing great things in people's hearts from it.
  • Fears — In the middle of journaling my prayers to God today, I wrote these 3 lines:
    • "God, You have not given me the spirit of fear" (2Tim 1:7)
    • "God, You said love casts out fear, in fact" (1John 4:18)
    • "God, it wouldn't matter who stood against me/us" (Psalm 3:6)
  • Bible Observations — Here are 3 of the lines I wrote during my daily reading time:
    • Hosea 10:12 — We need to break up the hardened/fallow ground of our hearts!!
    • Hosea 11:8 — God?  Your heart sometimes churns for people!
    • Hosea 12:2 — "Wait on your God continually."  Lord?  There is never a time we're not waiting on your for something (i.e. healing, direction, $, Your move, etc.)"

There is nothing that can replace a living, vital time we carve out for God & God alone…