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Bible - Open with coffeeI started a new daily reading plan a few weeks ago, using my new Logos Bible Software 4 package.  The new software & the reading plan are both AWESOME!

I'm experimenting with a plan to read through the Bible in 40 weeks (skipping Sundays).  This is the slowest I've read on a daily basis in a while, but it's been good for me spiritually.  I had the program send an appointment to my Outlook calendar (which I set for 6:00a-6:00a…no time) so my Treo reminds me what I'm reading the next day.

Here's what I wrote in my journal regarding today's reading: John 11-13.

11:10 — "Stumbling" internally (or doubting God in my faith) is an indication God's light is not in me, or I'm not walking in the light at the moment.

11:16 — Is Thomas being fatalistic here?  Or courageous?

11:31 — Here's a great example of the way people jump to conclusions…what we talked about in the message yesterday.  People who "tell themselves stories."

12:6 — Why would Jesus have let this go on???  His accountant/treasurer (Judas) was ripping His ministry off!!!  Yet he did nothing about it.

12:25 — Good topic for a future "faith-talk" with the kids.  The only way to save our lives?  Lose them for God in ministry.

12:43 — Do I, Lord?  My heart yearns (dysfunctionally) for big time praises & compliments of people.  But God FORBID that it's more important than the promise of Your future accolades.  It should not…it MUST not  be!

13:5 — How???  How in the world could you stoop down and wash Judas' feet?  A man who was orchestrating your murder within the next 24 hours…