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FYI, here is the brainstoming the groups came up with last week during our brainstorming on "Cultivating a Child's Spiritual Life":


  • Pray (out loud) with/for your children
  • Daily prayers – don’t pray about the same things
  • Teach them structure of prayer – explain to start with
    praises; then ask for needs/things
  • Prayer journal – highlight praises to reveal how real
    God is
  • Sing worship songs together
  • Listening to Christian music


  • Age-appropriate family devotional
  • Reading/singing/acting out Bible stories
  • Read a Bible story every night
  • Memorizing verses (kids hearing parents) – put
    scripture everywhere
  • Memorize verses with them after church
  • Use verses to teach in reward system.  Congratulate them when living biblically
    (verses gained by category from book “Creative Correction”
  • Adventure/comic Bible
  • Beginners Bible
  • Quiet time/candle time – Model what it means to have a
    quiet time
  • Catechism – Q&A – ask them ?’s; get them to learn
    about God


  • Watch influences – music / TV
  • Modeling
  • Sharing how your day was with your kids
  • Disregard their embarrassment and keep showing Jesus
    around them (friends included)
  • Actions/demonstrate/Walk the Walk


  • Family dinners
  • Spend more time with them
  • Love them
  • Lift them up
  • Reserved time with parent
  • Upward sports


  • Encourage discussion w/God throughout the day
  • Pull into family discussions – teach them how to work
    thru stress
  • Let them in on life situations


  • Put together all age-appropriate stuff – put in special
  • Continue to set boundaries
  • Protect them from what they haven’t seen


  • Volunteer work helping others
  • Get kids involved in church that they enjoy going to