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Sports - Running a
I'm still training for the Boston Marathon.  I'm using this plan.  And I've learned some things about running in cold-weather recently.  For example:

  • 9 minutes — The time it takes for my toes to freeze up when I run into the wind in 25 degree weather.
  • 17 minutes — The time it takes my Ipod to literally "freeze".  It won't play until I run for a while with in slipped inside my glove against my palm.
  • 10 seconds — The time it takes for my chest to seize up when I run sprints into 30-MPH wind in 15-degree weather.  (It feels like I joined the polar bear club.  Takes my breath away.)
  • 0 seconds — The amount of time I want to run when it gets to single-digit degrees or colder.