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Sports_basketball_2I coach my son’s 3rd grade basketball team, "The Dominators."  It’s been a fun challenge teaching (1) a different age-group & (2) a different skill-set.

Had our 3rd game yesterday.  They showed some serious improvement in their skills.  I was very proud of them.  Here’s what I saw.

  • Aggressiveness — Almost every time, if 2 kids got their hands on the ball, we ripped it out of their hands  🙂
  • Passing — On the first play, we completed several (5 or so?) passes…a huge skill development
  • Assists — We found the open man, including under the basket (who ARE these kids?) 🙂
  • Not Immediately Dribbling — Many times, they scanned the court BEFORE dribbling (excellent)
  • Heads Up — I saw players dribbling with their head UP (which lead to assists)

There are PLENTY of areas to grow, but I enjoyed seeing them apply what we’ve been practicing.