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Do NOT miss what's happening on Wednesday October 13th.

Peter Loth will be sharing his AMAZING story of being born in a Nazi concentration camp during WW2 — being brutally tortured & humilated after the war ended by Russian and Polish soldiers when he was still a young child — being held captive and interrogated by the KGB as he tried to immigrate to West Germany — being ostracized & persecuted by society in the deep south of post-war America where he found himself in a biracial, blended-family home — and how he met Jesus Christ in a radical way — and forgave them all.

You do NOT want to miss this opportunity.  You'll be touched.  You'll hear from God.  You'll be challenged to forgive in a way you never have thought possible.  Get your friends and family there.  God will make people whole that night from long-time wounds.

  • When: Wed Oct 13 at 6:45-8:00 p.m.
  • Where: Grace Church (live or online at our website)

Check out this 3 minute preview…