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Pix - Real Christmas handout Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.

Here's a few things to know:

  • Three services at 3p, 4:30p, & 6p
  • All services are designed for the whole family to worship together
  • INVITE, INVITE, INVITE, INVITE your friend and family!!!
  • Be EARLY.  You do NOT want to miss what we have in store to kick off the service!!
  • A bunch of baptisms are happening.  Lives changing everywhere.
  • I'll be baptising my daughter Karina at the 6p service.
    • We talked 90 minutes the last couple days
    • My son joined the discussion today
    • We talked about…
      • Water baptism necessary for spiritual growth (Matt 28:16-20)
      • Water baptism not necessary for salvation (1Cor 1:10-17)
      • Water baptism only has one prerequisite (Acts 8:26-28)
      • Water baptism pictures spiritual baptism into Christ (Rom 6:1-6)
      • Water baptism was foreshadowed by the Noah/flood (1Pe 3:18-21)
    • Awesome time
    • The line on me holding it together as I baptise her is dropping by the minute…30 to 1 against.  🙂
  • We're rocking it "Old School" by having people bring baked goods to share before & after each service.  You can leave them on a table which will be set-up in the lobby.  Just make sure it's in a "throw-away" container.
  • We'll end the service with our annual candlelighting.  It's a beautiful, breathtaking moment.

Don't forget to register at for both (a) the plan and (b) whether you want daily reminders via email or text message.