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Day 1 of the Catalyst Conference is down.  Today was about a series of "Pre-Labs."  Each of the guys were able to
customize their session experience for their own leadership challenges.

For the most part, I REALLY enjoyed today.  I can already see this is a good investment of my time.  There were way more things said that sent my mind spinning than I can write about.  Here's "1 big take-away" I got from the sessions I chose to attend:

  • Reggie Joiner — Is what you are doing effective?  That is, are you making the system changes you need to make (that God is asking you to make)?
  • Cathleen Falsani — I need the recipe to watermelon gazpacho.
  • Perry Noble — Leadership is as easy as listening to God.  How much uninterrupted time do I spend listening to God?
  • Reggie McNeal — Great leaders in the spiritual realm bless those around them.  That is, they love & serve people around them so they know they're blessed!
  • Dino Rizzo — The kingdom of God can only move forward through hearts that are truly "servant's hearts," fully surrendered to Him.

Here are other thoughts on my mind tonight:

  • Rain Rain Everywhere — All day, rain & rain & rain & rain in Atlanta…
  • The Current Financial Crisis — The more I hear about what happened to cause the financial crisis, the MADDER I'm getting.  (i.e. The patent foolishness of everyone from power-drunk CEOs, to greedy mortgage lenders, to shortsighted mortgage borrowers).  Stories like THIS AIG JUNK don't help.
  • Rest of Night? — What's on tap next?  (1) Study Ruth 4.  (2) Run 30-minutes.  (3) Crash hard.  (4) Rise at 5:30a Eastern.  (5) Spend time with God in the Bible.  (6) Head at over to the arena with 12,000 other people.  🙂