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Calling all MEN!!!!  Tomorrow morning — Saturday 7:30-9:00 a.m. — is our quarterly Men's CommUNITY event.  Invite your:

  • Son
  • Dad
  • Grandpa
  • Friend
  • Hunting Buddy
  • Video Game Buddy
  • Etc.

I'm bringing my son ****** to the Men's Breakfast tomorrow morning (the food will be awesome) and to the men's panel (which will be even better) to hear about the topic of "Balancing Life" as a Christian man.

***** P.S. I have NO CLUE why men CONTINUALLY leave their sons at home (or their Bible Study or small group guys for that matter) when they come to a men's event like this. This a GOLDEN opportunity to message to your son (a) you are a man, (b) you are part of the men's ministry, and (c) I am going to be investing in you to develop you as a man because I believe in you!  Bring them WITH you!