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In my daily devotional reading today, I came across a story God used in my life 11 years ago to continue calling me from the corporate world to pastoral ministry.  That evening, Dr. Jeff Adams was speaking to his church on the need to "buy the field" — to discern the role God has already prepared for you in His kingdom and do everything you can through His power to fulfill His mission for you.

In the story,  Jeremiah, the priest and prophet, has been incarcerated for passing on God’s forecast of defeat and slavery for the nation of Israel.  God tells Jeremiah that his relative is about to visit him in jail and offer him the chance to buy a field in Israel.  God also tells Jeremiah that, although Israel is about to experience 70 years enslaved in Babylon (modern day Iraq), he should buy the field — the slavey will come to an end.  When every detail of the event transpires exactly as God predicted, Jeremiah says, "Then I knew that this was the word of the Lord."  (If you want a very detailed, verse-by-verse explanation of the chapter, check out Matthew Henry’s Commentary.)

Very fond memories for me.  The story affected me on many different levels.  But I was reminded today about my bias when it comes to hearing someone teach the Bible.  I’ve always come from a bias of expecting to hear from God.  I want to encourage you to do the same.  God never wastes the opportunity to guide and direct us when His word is being taught.  But hearing from God is wholly dependent on our bias…being ready to hear…expecting to hear.

Try it this week!  Take a moment to pray, expect to get some direction/influence from God, and watch for it.