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Object - Duct Tape MouthThere's been a lot of silence coming from my blog recently.  I've been wanting to update everyone, but LIFE has been happening.  :-)  Anyway, here's what's been up.

  • Vaca 10 Naples, FL - Airport Hanging in Florida — Over Spring Break, the family & I took a week to spend time with my dad & step-mom in Florida.  It was cold the first part of the trip.  Then it warmed up.  In fact, the Sunday that everyone in KC was dealing with 6-12" of snow, I was dealing with a slight sunburn on the beach.  I guess we were BOTH "suffering".  🙂
  • Right Knee MRI — Last Thursday, I finally got in to have my right knee checked.  About halfway through, the tech told me that I'd have to wait a few minutes.  I thought, "I'll bet she had to reboot the machine…"  Sure enough, she did.
  • Knee - Pain Lightning Right Knee Re-Injured — That night, as I was watching NCAA basketball, I sat on the couch with my knee bent a little to the side of me.  When I got up…OUCH!!!!!  For the next 24 hours, I was limping around again, just like when I first injured it.  The knee was fine after 48 hours.
  • Bracket Busted — My bracket is like so many others…shattered, along with my prediction of a KU-UK final.
  • Sports - Bowling 1 Bowled Over — On Saturday night, I met up with a bunch of guys from Grace at the Incredibowl on 151 & Antioch.  I was a model of consistency, bowling a 146-148-143.  Not bad for me.  Too bad the other 3 guys on my lane just CRUSHED me.  Even the guy with the bum shoulder beat me because he started his 2nd game with 5 out of 6 strikes.  Sickening…