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My training for the Boston Marathon continues.  It's hard to believe that it's just 3.5 weeks away now.  The race kicks off on Monday, April 20 at 10a (9a central).  Just me & 25,000 of my pals will take on the 26.2 mile downhill, then uphill, then downhill, etc.

  • I've kept up on my training plan pretty well.  I thank God for my friend Eric (who we've recently learned needs a new kidney…you can pray for him).  He's the one who originally sent me the Hal Higdon training site.  It has been AMAZING for me.
  • I ran 8 x 800's last night.  (Hey Brooke!  That's doing 2 laps around a track REALLY fast, then doing 1 lap REALLY slow to rest up, then repeating that 8 times.)  🙂
  • I took off from my house after 10p and ran the 1.25 miles to the cold, dark, empty (but wind-free) track.
  • In the middle of my first 800, I thought to myself, "Uh oh.  This was a bad idea.  How in the world will I finish?"
  • These repeats are actually called "Yasso 800's."  If I ever meet Mr. Yasso, I'm going to vomit on him.
  • This Saturday is supposed to be my last training run…a 20-miler at Lake Olathe (a BRUTALLY hilly run…great prep though).  My running buddy, Kev, texted me this afternoon: "it doesnt seem right sending u off to boston with your tail between your legs"  (Is that any way to text your pastor???)  🙂
  • If you haven't checked out Kevin's website, Endurance Planet, please do so.  It's WAY cool, and I'm a member!
  • Late this afternoon, I ran an easy 5 miles.  I decided to carry my pocket Bible with me and pray/meditate over these two passages for Sunday: