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Sports - Running (Boston 2009) Wow.  I have had absolutely NO time this week to catch up with everyone on the blog on how the marathon went.  I will today.

(If you're on Facebook, you've been able to hear more from me this week.  Quick status updates are just easier there.)

Here are the thoughts I had:

  • Pre-Race — Cathy dropped me off at Hopkinton High School.  Then I had 2 hours to try to relax, stay warm in 45 degree weather around some soccer fields, eat & hydrate, & try to time my bathroom breaks (with some INSANE lines!).  Lots of announcements from a rented PA system too (from "Welcome to the marathon" to "Please meet Mr. So-&-So there.").
  • The Starting Line — In corral #7, I couldn't see the starting line & the elite runners.  But they did do the National Anthem & an intense jet fighter flyover.
  • The First Miles — Kind of surreal.  I'm actually here!  There were TONS of people.  I had the best time giving "High-Fives" to all the little kids (or was it "Low-Fives"?).
  • The Loudest Point — About halfway through the race, I heard a "rushing" noise.  ("What IS that?")  Ran another 100 yards.  ("Is that a waterfall?")  Ran another 100 yards.  ("I think that's Wellesley!")  Wellesley College was L-O-U-D!!!  The coeds there were deafening, screaming at the top of their lungs.  And I saw the strangest thing too.  A bunch of girls holding signs painted "Kiss Me!" and a bunch of runners actually stopping to do it.
  • The Best Costume — Probably the guy who ran 26.2 miles in a batman costume.
  • The Last 2.2 Miles — I was D-I-Z-Z-Y.  Just concentrating on not accidentally tripping over my feet which felt like bricks.
  • The Fall — Some guy was accidentally tripped by a person next to him with a half-mile to go.  Happened right in front and to the right of me.  I heard the guy who fell being very angry & the guy who tripped him apologize & help him up.
  • The Finish Line — My net time was 3:09:36.  Hit my goal!  And I qualified for Boston again next year, even if I was an 18-34 year old man.  🙂
  • The Big Question — Did I yak at the finish line?  Nope.  Instead I tried to smile, look normal, & not lose my balance from the dizzyness so the EMTs wouldn't cart me off the medical tent.
  • Walking Home — My legs were a MESS…ground into hamburger.  Even little 1 inch steps felt like they were HUGE.