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School_mu_logoHad the chance to attend the Border-Showdown 2007 (a HUGE shout out to my friend for the seat!).   A HUGE game for the Big XII North.  A HUGE game for MU & KU.

Final score?  36-28 MU.

A few "thots:"

  • We sat on the lower level, 10 rows back…AWESOME seats.  Never sat once.  (No one on the lower level did.)
  • Right before the game, I put the "Over-Under" at 65-70.  It was 64.  (Ok, I know I picked a range & I was off, but not by much.)
  • I only saw 1 near-fight all night — too much "liquid courage" in their blood stream.   I’m guessing they were "alcohydrating" all day with the 7p kickoff.
  • Speaking of "liquid courage," 1 lady spilled beer all over my coat & another guy left the aisle 15 times during the game (no exaggeration).

Congrats to both teams.  They are both great teams & played great.

Here’s the $10,000 question.  Are there any KU fans who will pull for MU in the Big XII Championship Game next week?