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Book_there_is_no_timeI finished Paul Nyquist’s small book recently called "There is NO TIME."  I wasn’t able to to locate the book on Amazon, but I found it here at Avant.

The book does a good job of laying out the new "short-cycle" missions strategy at Avant.

Here a couple things I liked about the book:

  • Innovation — Kudos to Avant for taking a risk to try new things
  • Creativity — It’s an easy story to read, rather than a dry, academic paper
  • Short — Good job.  Strategy papers shouldn’t take 200 pages

Here’s are a couple questions I have:

  • Field Testing — I’m excited to see the results of the first "short-cycle" teams about 10-20 years down the line
  • Uncertainty — The drawback of the story/parable form.  A few times I was uncertain if the logical or theological conclusions made by the characters were Avant’s or not