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Book - The Shack
Last week, I read The Shack by William P. Young.  (For that matter, I read Cross Purposes by D. James Kennedy last week, too.)

The Shack has been both a bestseller and a lightning rod for criticism.

Let me give you my take on the book…

2 Reasons to Read It

  1. If you can think for yourself — I didn't agree with everything I read in this book.  For that matter, I don't agree with everything I read in ANY book except the Bible.  The Bible is my final authority.  EVERY other book I read & message I hear is human & can/does have errors.  But if you're the type of person that doesn't think…that forwards me your internet rumors without checking, don't read this book.  You can't handle it.  And stop forwarding me your email rumors too!  🙂
  2. If you're OK having your assumptions challenged — I am human.  I have a limited, imperfect view of our wonderful, infinite God.  I have so much farther to grow.  I'm OK with that.  I want that.  This book helped me see the love & relationship within the Trinity in a new light…and prayer in a new light…and the relationship between God's goodness & human suffering in a new light.  I like that.  But if it threatens you to have your preconceived ideas challenged, don't read this book.

3 Reasons to Avoid It

  1. If you think you have all the answers — If you think you're "the expert" on all matters of faith & practice, you don't need anyone else.  No books for you.  No messages for you either.  Don't read any books or listen to any messages.  (P.S. If this is you, you are deluded.)
  2. If you are not mature enough to learn from people you don't fully agree with — Some people can't handle this.  If they find 1 thing they disagree with, they chuck out everything…including the good.  (P.S. If this is you, you need to grow up.)
  3. If you don't know what the word "fiction" means — This is a complex concept.  "Fiction" means "something invented by the imagination or feigned."  It's not real.  :-)  The Shack was not meant to be a discipleship primer or theological treatise.  It is "fiction."  (P.S. If this is you, you need to buy a dictionary.)

P.S. My favorite part of the book?  When he named the cat on p.231 "Judas."  Yes…cats are "Judases" (betrayers).  I'm a dog-man myself.  🙂