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Book_the_great_omissionI loved reading this book, The Great Omission: Fulfilling Christ’s Commission Completely.

(1)  It was written by a man I admire, Steve Saint: a man who lost his father, Nate Saint, as a martyr in Ecuador, then lived with & was even baptized by the same men that killed his father.

(2)  It was a riveting read, hearing his experiences with the Waodani tribe.

(3)  He grapples with the real-life issues of world-evangelization by planting indigenous churches in every unreached people group.  And he did so from a perspective of both American and indigenous cultures.

  • "In a tragic irony, the sacrificial efforts of many believers on
    behalf of the Waodani almost destroyed the very church those dedicated
    believers labored to plant. (pp.17-18)

    • (My Note — WHOA!  He’s got my attention…)

(4)  He challenged my thinking, as when he pointed out:

  • "However, the possibility that UNDER-funding can work to the BENEFIT  of a mission by forcing it to entrust responsibility to indigenous believers at the earliest possible time is almost never discussed." (p.134)
    • (My Note — Now he’s got my mind spinning.  As I look back, I can see that’s been true at Grace too.  As we’ve grown, we’ve been continually trying to catch up to the growth-curve, but been forced to have a smaller paid staff than similar-sized churches.  Ironically, God’s used it to help us engage volunteers in a way we wouldn’t have otherwise.)