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Book - Gospel and its MeaningOne of the most interesting books I read recently "The Gospel and Its Meaning" by Harry L. Poe.  In his book, Poe says there are 9 different elements to the complete gospel ("good news") of Jesus Christ, which he's pieced together from early messages in Acts as well as the writings of the Apostles.  They are:

  1. The Creator God – Salvation is the work of Creator
  2. The Fulfillment – Jesus came to fulfill Scripture
  3. Son of God/David – Jesus alone is worthy to be our Savior
  4. Death for Sins – Jesus' death was for salvation; no accident
  5. Resurrection – Jesus' resurrection proved Lord and victory
  6. Exaltation – Christ reigns at right hand of God
  7. Gift of Holy Spirit – Christ sent Holy Spirit to live in all of faith
  8. Return to Judge – Christ will return to judge
  9. Our Response – Now, declare repentance and faith!

Harry says the Church has emphasized different elements of the gospel based on the time period they lived in and the culture they were trying to reach.  He also says that each church/generation should examine the needs of their community to determine which elements of the good news need to be emphasized.