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Book_case_for_faith_2Over the Christmas break, I finished Lee Strobel’s The Case for Faith.  This is a sequel to Strobel’s book I read back in July called The Case for Christ.

I really think these are 2 books that you should purchase & stick in your libraries (& read them, of course).  Strobel addresses so many common questions by interviewing recognized authorities on the topics.

He had my attention in chapter 1, when he interviews Billy Graham’s old friend, Charles Templeton, a fellow-preacher-turned-skeptical-agnostic.  He was 1 of the key founders of Youth for Christ with Billy Graham.  After railing against faith and the belief that Jesus is God, Charles wept over the fact that he admired & missed Jesus.

Anyway, Strobel covers these difficult topics: evil, science vs. miracles, evolution, the death of children, Jesus being the only way, hell, Church hypocrisies, & having doubts.

I can see myself reading through these book with my children, too.