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Book - Teaching True Love to Sex-at-13 Generation
I read this book on Monday: Teaching True Love to a Sex-at-13 Generation.  An EXCELLENT resource.

Here are 2 interesting quotes I found while reading this book:

        "The younger generation needs a sweeter song.  A God-built romance isn't merely a "moral version" of the culture's mediocre love stories.  God doesn't need to imitate the world's way of building a relationship; He has His own way.  Like Captain Orpheus, God sings a sweeter song.  It's a song so breathtaking and satisfying that it makes the alluring melody of the Sirens no more appealing than an obnoxious foghorn. And when young people hear even a strain of God's glorious melody, when they catch a glimpse of the spectacular beauty of a God-scripted love story, they are willing to do whatever it takes in order to experience it for themselves.  No longer will they need constant pep-talks and scare tactics to avoid the sexual temptation of the culture.  When they understand the fulfillment and wonder of God's ways, they are no longer overcome by the Sirens' alluring music.  They have heard a sweeter song."  (pp. 10-11)

        "As parents and leaders, our role is to introduce our children to the Author of romance so that they can give their pen to Him.  We can't make the decision for them, but we can awaken them to the matchless beauty of a God-scripted life.  The opportunities begin at an early age.  A father of a ten-year-old girl told us that he constantly looks for ways to shape his daughter's vision for the future.  Instead of making comments such as, 'One day when you start going out with boys…" he says things like, "One day, when God brings your future husband into your life…'  He tells his daughter that God has an amazing plan for her future love story.  As a result, his daughter has a different perspective on her future romance than most other girls her age.  She doesn't picture herself turning sixteen and flitting from one boy to the next.  She plans on waiting for God to bring a Christlike man into her life in His own time and way."  (pp.62)