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Book - Saving Life of Christ My Friday night small group got together again last night.  We had a last-minute change-of-venue to our place.  You should have seen our family turn into 4 "Tasmanian Devils", getting the house ready for people to show up.

Everybody brought something to eat, and we had pizza as the main course (great carbohydrate load for me since I had a 20-mile run scheduled today).

Our topic yesterday was chapter 3 of The Saving Life of Christ by Major W. Ian Thomas.  This is an OUTSTANDING book helping people wrestle with questions like "What does true spirituality look like?  What does it mean to walk with God?  What does it mean to live empowered by God daily?"

While we discussed the book, our group stuffed plastic Easter Eggs with treats for Grace Church's big-time Easter Egg hunt next weekend.  I've been told we need to stuff 12,000-14,000(!!!) Easter Eggs to be ready for next Saturday.

It was another GREAT discussion.  Seems like God's been showing up in a MAJOR way in our small group recently, with people being willing to be candid about where they're at on their spiritual journey, their questions about how to go deeper, and willingness to share real-world struggles & victories that Christ's been giving them.  It was AWESOME.  It reminded me of the campfire discussions Jesus must have had with his disciples.

It was small group life at its best.