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Book_pilgrims_progressOver the Christmas break, I finally read a Christian classic:  The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan.  My wife had bought it for her Christian book club.

The book is a metaphor for the Christian life.  It contains two stories — two journeys from the "City of Destruction" to "Celestial City" — the 1st by "Christian" (a husband) & the 2nd by "Christiana" (his wife & children).  They meet people as varied as "Evangelist, Hopeful, Fearing, and Heedless."  A little more info is here.  Here’s why you should read this book…

  • Bunyan wanted to mentor Christians.  The book contains Bunyan’s discipleship lessons in story form.  He sets our expectation that the Christian journey is filled with hazards, yet can be immensely victorious, fulfilling, & rewarding.
  • Bunyan loved the word of God.  The book is filled with direct & indirect Biblical references.  He weaves Old & New Testament together into a person’s story.
  • Bunyan was a man’s man…God’s man.  In 1660, he was jailed 3 months for preaching Christ.  They’d free him if he’d stop.  He said he’d do what God had commanded him, or stay in prison "until the moss grew on his eyelids."  He spent 12 years in jail.
  • The book is a classic of English literature.  Famous.  Used of God.  At one point, people had two books in their homes: the Bible & this book.

I’m not saying it’s not a little meatier than your typical Christian book fare.  But it’s worth it.

OK, anyone else out there read this book?  🙂