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Books - Stack Here are the books that I'm reading through and discussing with various groups in my world these days:

  • Hebrews 11 — My Tuesday men's small group are taking turns teaching thru the key figures in this "hall of faith."  (We had a great "come-to-Jesus-talk" today…after posting a "no-Christian-posers-allowed" sign.)
  • Matthew — My Friday mixed small group is doing a 1-week "experiment" reading through Matthew together (3 chapters/day) and discussing what God is showing us in a blog one of our members created free online.  I pressed pause on my current plan to join in the experiment.
  • The Saving Life of Christ — My Friday mixed small group is discussing this book chapter-by-chapter.  An excellent book showing how stories from Old Testament teach us about our walk with God today.
  • It: How Churches and Leaders Can Get It and Keep It — By Craig Groeschel of  Heard him speak one time.  Wow.  Recommended by Ben & Tom.  Leading our FT & PT staff through this chapter-by-chapter.  (We started discussing 2 books/year together: 1 in the spring & 1 in the fall.)   Searching my heart these days.  Who has "It" at Grace?  How many?  Do I?
  • Crucial Conversations — Discussing this book chapter-by-chapter with my admin asst.  Also leading another couple through it too.  Excellent resource.  Every great communication principle comes straight from the Bible (though I don't think the authors realize it).
  • Good to Great — By Jim Collins (from Stanford U!).  Reading this one personally.  Heard him speak one time live.  Interesting.  Engaging.  Thought-provoking.  Likes to stick to what the facts are showing him (man that's "irritating!")  🙂

I really believe life is nothing more than

  1. Making sure YOU ARE fiercely and passionately growing in your walk with God, and
  2. Making sure you're HELPING SOMEONE ELSE do it too

A.K.A. "Love God" & "Love others".