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This iAnimal_gerbil_2s a crazy week…crazy-hectic.

Yes, that’s a picture of me on the right.  I just stepped off my "running-wheel."  🙂

  • Our accountant was gone – sick all last week, right after "year-end."
  • Our executive pastor is gone – seeing a baby, possibly to adopt.
  • Our executive assistant is gone – got a new job for better life-balance & ministry-dreams!
  • We have a HUGE leaders meeting Saturday morning – lots of prayer & prep.
  • I haven’t had much time yet to develop Sunday’s message further – God’s always "in-time."
  • I’m trying to get things done for an important time of discerning God’s direction next week.

Through it all, God’s been giving some crazy blessings…crazy-great!

  • Sunday, my son accepted Christ as Savior, right after leading another to Christ.
  • My mom had a birthday – heart stopped 8 yrs ago…miraculously, EMTs restarted it.
  • My friends (executive pastor & wife) are with a beautiful baby they hope to adopt.
  • My wife has been an INCREDIBLE support.
  • We had our 2nd week of weekend attendance over 1000.
  • Had a GREAT Q&A Bible Study last night.  The question was on Matthew 18:18-19.
  • I have an AWESOME staff to work with (full-timers Ben & Jim, and part-timers Pat & Tracie).
  • Object_coffee_french_press
    Someone put a $5 Starbucks gift card in my hand Sunday (I used it today…Mmmmm.)
  • Someone anonymously dropped off a Caribou Coffee Travel French Press…with Gevalia Coffees (Can’t wait to use it…I might need it the next couple nights).  🙂
  • In the midst of all, my heart is at peace…yes, even rejoicing in the whirlwind.  🙂