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Tonight, our kids crawled into my son’s bed together for family prayers.

After praying, my daughter says, "Take a picture of us & put it on your blog, Daddy."  The little guy then says, "I like talking to my grandmas about what happened in the pictures."

I run downstairs, grab the camera & come back.

  • Picture #1 — I flip on the lights
  • Picture #2 — I tell the kids to try to open their eyes more
  • Picture #3 — How cute are they?

I asked them what they want to say to the world.  Their answers reflected their personalities.

  • My baby girl says — "Daddy, can you tell them that my brother is holding me up in the pictures?  …And that I got saved?  …And that I got new pajamas?  …And…"
  • Kids_bedtime_3_2
    The big guy says — (Silence.)